Thursday, February 19, 2015

Stuck On Reading

One of our concentrations this year as a school is on increasing reading comprehension skills.  If you want to read more about that, click here. We have employed a variety of skills each month to help our students attack words, learn to infer, use contextual clues and more. To really hone these skills, they need direct application. Considering this and knowing that the best way for students to become better readers is to actually read more, I embarked on a reading challenge for the month of February. 

We set a goal as a school to read at least 1750 books during the month of February. Preschool students will read 300, elementary will read 1000, middle school will read 300 and high school will read 150. The class that has the highest percentage of participation AND the highest number of books read will receive a class party from me. If we reach our goals, our students will get to celebrate by getting to duct tape me, the principal, to the wall in our multi-purpose room.  
I have been amazed at the response from our students! During the first week alone, we had over 600 books turned in as read. We are writing the names of books, authors and students that read them on strips and making paper chains in the hallway. Students love seeing their class. They want to get more up there than the other classes. I just love seeing that they are reading!

Students have been coming up to me and saying, “I’m going to tape you to the wall!” or “I’ve been reading every night, Mrs. Tigges” and that brings me such excitement. Parents have been telling me how much their kids want to read and it may cost me a little duct tape, but the end result will be SO WORTH IT!!!!!

 Stay tuned for pictures of the duct tape event when our students meet their goals!

- Mrs. TIgges