Sunday, March 29, 2015

Mission, Vision, and Purpose

What do we stand for at TFCA? 

I often am asked, “What is your vision for TFCA?” or “What is the purpose or mission of your school?” and it makes me stop and think about how we are communicating these to our families, students, staff and community.  Many people may see the framed pictures in our classrooms and offices of our Mission Statement proudly displayed, and yet not really understand the meaning of it.  We post the statements on our website and in our handbooks.  How do we actually strive to live these out by example each day? 

Let me share our Mission Statement with you: 
The Frankfort Christian Academy partners with Christian parents to provide a Biblically integrated education which equips students to embrace Biblical truth, to strive for academic excellence and to exemplify Christ-like servanthood in homes, churches and communities. 

So what does this mean?  How does this actually apply on a daily basis in our school? 

We’ve broken it down into a few smaller pieces: 
Our purpose is to educate and equip students to discover and develop to their full potential in Christ. (Psalm 139: 1-4) 
This purpose encompasses academic, spiritual, emotional and physical growth and development of students.  We know God has a plan for each of them and we want to strive daily to help them on their path to become Godly young men and women.   
Our vision is to prepare future generations of Christian leaders to impact their world for Christ. (Matthew 28:19-20) 
No matter the profession or vocation, we know our students have the ability to impact everyone in their environment for Christ now and in the future.  Each of them have a ministry within their family, their circle of friends and those they will encounter each day at work and in their community.  Whether they are preaching from the pulpit, doing relief work in Africa, teaching in a school, constructing bridges, or raising their family, we want them to do all things to bring glory and honor to God and His kingdom. (Colossians 3:23) 

The other extremely important facet of this mission is that we “partner with Christian parents”.  We do not presume to be the only mode of input in our students’ lives.  Our students should be receiving instruction in studying the Bible, worship, living for Christ, having a strong work ethic and being responsible for their actions in the home.  We want to serve to reinforce and support parents in their efforts to raise young, Christian men and women who stand for truth. We want to guide them in their academic careers and help them achieve the goals they have set for their lives prayerfully with their families.  

We would love to know what you think about these statements.  Do you see evidence of this commitment to mission, purpose and vision in our school?  Do you have opportunities to see these three in action in our school?  We would love for you to share examples with us that you have been a part of or witnessed at TFCA. 

Carrie Beth Tigges, Principal

Friday, March 20, 2015

Tech Use at TFCA

Do you know what is on your child’s personal technology device?

I am constantly baffled by the continuing changes in technology. Technology advances are so amazing and in so many ways, make our lives easier. However, as educators and parents, we really have to strive to stay ahead of our kids. I wanted to take an opportunity to share with you about a few apps and websites that have been popping onto our radar lately so you may investigate if your child is using this.

Snapchat –Site where students post photos, comments and videos. Students think they are deleted in 10 seconds or less, but they aren’t necessarily. See this review of Snapchat on
Instagram - Site to post instant pictures and like/comment on posts; Accounts are supposed to be for 13 yr olds and up. Direct messaging is available and unless you control privacy controls, anyone can access and see their posts/pictures.

iFunny –This site/app is all about jokes. However, there is a great deal of inappropriate content, especially for minors. Users are supposed to be 17 or older. PLEASE check this out!

Vine –This is a site to share video clips. The recommended age level is 15. According to, “With the most basic creative searching, kids can find nudity, sex, drug use, offensive language, and more.” Please read more of this review at:  

Vimeo  This is another video sharing site. Students should be 16 to use it. Outright pornography is banned, but students may stumble upon partial nudity, questionable language and themes through basic searches.  

Twitter – Recommended for those 13 and up, this site is for 140 character “tweets” or posts to share thoughts, reactions, comments, etc. Although many consider this a harmless site, students need to understand they are contributing to their “digital profile” with every post. If students are going to have a Twitter account, please make them be private in their security settings and only add followers that they know are safe.

Tumblr-  According to, “Pornographic images and video, depictions of violence and drug use, and offensive language are easy to find.” Recommended for students 16 and older, it is very difficult to protect your privacy on this site.  

Flickr-  This is a site where students may share photos and videos and store them online. If you do not set your privacy setting to private, anyone may view what is posted on your profile. There are some guidelines for nudity, but they are not necessarily strictly enforced. The recommended age is 15-16 or older.

Students also have apps that enable them to text with others but not show up in the text message icon on devices. If you go to and search for apps that hide text messages, several will pop up like:  I heart Pink, an app that looks like a harmless icon, but hides messages. Other apps provide alternate backgrounds and wallpapers for the device and can be slid to reveal other apps students want to keep hidden.

We all want to work together to provide a safe, educational, spiritually uplifting environment for our students, both on campus and off campus! We want you to know that we try to stay informed about technology so that we can educate students about the pitfalls and responsibilities associated with technology. If you have concerns or would like more information regarding technology usage, our firewall and filtering, etc. please let me know!

Carrie Beth Tigges, Principal