Monday, August 5, 2013

Tips for Getting Back in the Groove

As an assistant principal, I am excited and ready for school to begin. As a mom, the thought of school starting back is a little overwhelming!  

Here are some tips to prepare for the new school year to avoid stress and last minute panic:

  • Ease back into earlier bedtimes a week or two before school starts. A week out, start waking kids a little earlier each day to prepare for that early wake-up call on August 7. 
  • Do an  inventory of clothing needs before going shopping. Bag up clothes kids have grown out of and bring in to our swap shop to share. Have a list before shopping to minimize over-buying or ending up with the wrong sizes. 
  • Involve your kids in picking out school supplies. Talk about things they will do with them and get them excited about their new classes and teachers. Bring these to the Back to School night to minimize items to bring on first day. 
  • Pray for new teachers, students, routines and opportunities. Encourage your child to do this each day/night. 
  • Plan ahead to minimize early morning stress. Pack backpacks the night before including signing any necessary paper work. Pack lunch bags or include lunch orders in backpacks.  Have shoes sitting ready to avoid that five minute delay as you try to head out the door. 
  • Establish a calendar and information station. At our house, each child has a section for keeping important papers, forms to be signed, weekly newsletters or study guides. We hang up special projects or best effort grades. We also have a family calendar where each day has a box for each person. This helps keep track of special appointments, tests, sports practice, etc.  every person in our house can check it to know what is going on during a given day. 
  • Make sure kids eat a healthy breakfast with some lean protein to give them energy to start the day. Pack a healthy snack for them to re-charge their batteries mid-morning. 
We are looking forward to partnering with your family for the 2013-14 school year. I am praying for all of you as we transition to the new school year!

Carrie Beth Tigges is our Assistant Principal/Counselor and mom to four boys.  

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